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Size : 2.01 MB
Version :
Last Update : June 4, 2009

What's new:
- Now it is possible to filter a photos.
- Improved compatibility with Vista x64.
- Some small improvements.
Minimum System Requirements:
- Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4/2000/XP/Vista/7
- 16 bit color resolution display
- Pentium class processor
- 32 MB RAM
History versions:

Version 1.3 : Jan 25, 2008

- Added option "fill the screen".
- Improved compatibility with Windows Vista.
- Fixed error when opening a big images.
- Some small improvements.

Version 1.2 : Feb 4, 2007

- Reduced memory usage.
- Improved random display order.
- Improved Fade effect.
- Added option to auto rotate photos.
- Added option to display filename transparently.
- Now you can turn on/off display filename with F key.
- Fixed several errors.

Version 1.1 : Feb 7, 2006

- Added GIF, TIFF and PNG images support.
- Now it is possible to use arrow keys to navigate through pictures.
- Now it is possible to set wallpaper when you exit the screen saver.
- Added auto rotation of photos using the EXIF orientation tag.
- Added option to ignore mouse movements.
- Now the screen saver stops when the monitor is turned off in energy saving mode.
- Now it support more than 65000 photos per folder.
- Improved resize quality.
- A lot of small improvements.

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Size: 2.01 MB
Version: 1.4
Last Update: June 4
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